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Please explore the following resources that our Resource Team curated. We think they will help you as you dive deeper into the topics discussed in our sermon series Follow.

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Got Questions: “Why is it more blessed to give than receive?”

Christians are called to be generous because we serve a God who gives sacrificially (John 3:16). Giving develops our character, fostering selflessness and countering the natural tendency toward self-centeredness. When we readily give of our money, time, talents, and gifts, we step beyond our little world and serve others.

Desiring God: "Unless God gives you God"

Steve Lawson (Ligonier Ministries): "What is the holiness of God?"

Recommended Podcasts:

Warehouse Podcast

Welcome to The Warehouse! Has a Sunday sermon ever left you running to Google with new theological questions? Have you ever wished that you could peer behind the curtain to see how the message comes together? That’s where we come in! Here at Cornerstone Church, we spend hours every week talking about the Bible. This is the place to learn about Scripture, dive into its context, and study the Bible’s cultural background. Come to the Warehouse–where we’ll extend the stuff you learn from the stage. 

How to Serve Like Jesus: The Living Waters Podcast, Ep.168

“To wash a person’s feet was considered to be a task even below a servant. For Jesus to wash the feet of His disciples, He is showing to them that He is willing to give up His rights for them.” “We are all called to be fervent in our love for others the way Jesus was, but we tend to shy away from it. “ Also, “Speaking truth to others requires sacrifice and humility. Sometimes, we are forced to choose between humbling ourselves or being humiliated”.

Risen Motherhood. Ep.43: Serving Others Right Where You’re At

This podcast discusses how to serve others while also being a mother, how to include your children, and doing some things well instead of trying to do all the things.

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Bible Project Overview: Isaiah Part 1

Bible Project Overview: Isaiah Part 2

Recommended Sermons:

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts - Pastor John Piper

Holy, Holy, Holy - Pastor David Mathis (Desiring God)

The Holiness of God - Pastor RC Sproul

The Holiness of God and His People - Pastor John MacArthur

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Blue Letter Bible Translation Tools: Isaiah 6 and his vision of the Lord


“Send Me (acoustic)” DavidFunk, Bethel Music

“Give Us Clean Hands” Shane and Shane

“Take Me In (acoustic)” Kutless

Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus) Medley/Live - David Phelps

Revelation Song - Kari Jobe

What a Beautiful Name/Agnus Dei (Live) Travis & Lily Cottrell