Holy Week | Week: 1

Resource Topics:

Please explore the following resources that our Resource Team curated. We think they will help you as you dive deeper into the topics discussed in our sermon series Holy Week.

Recommended Books:

The Crucified King: Atonement and Kingdom in Biblical and Systematic Theology by Jeremy Treat

“In The Crucified King, Jeremy Treat demonstrates that Scripture presents a mutually enriching relationship between the kingdom and atonement that draws significantly from the story of Israel and culminates in the crucifixion of Christ the king. As Israel’s messiah, he holds together the kingdom and the cross by bringing God’s reign on earth through his atoning death.”

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

“This book is ​​a great journalistic look into the evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus. The book was written by Lee Strobel, an atheist turned Christian. In this revised and updated edition, Strobel cross-examines a dozen experts with doctorates from schools such as Cambridge, Princeton, and Brandeis, asking hard-hitting questions–and taking a deeper look at the evidence from the fields of science, philosophy, and history.”

Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter by Tim Keller

“This is a book that unlocks the meaning of Jesus's resurrection for readers. Easter is considered the most solemn and important holiday for Christians. It is a time of spiritual rebirth and a time of celebrating the physical rebirth of Jesus after three days in the tomb. For his devoted followers, nothing could prepare them for the moment they met the resurrected Jesus.”

Holy Week: An Emotions Primer (Baby Believer) by Danielle Hitchen

“If you are the parent of a 1-4 year old child, this book is an AWESOME resource for your family as it lays out the events of Holy Week and the emotions of Easter at an age appropriate level. In addition to basic Bible theology, Baby Believer board books are filled with quotations from the Bible, creeds, hymns, church fathers, and other articles of faith to help reinforce the content and provide intellectual handholds for older children who possess a greater capacity for learning and memorization.”

Recommended Articles:

Desiring God - The Son Must Rise: What Made Easter Inevitable

“Why, we might ask on this Resurrection Sunday, was it necessary? Why did Jesus have to rise? Acts 2, together with other New Testament texts, give us at least five reasons why the Son had to rise again.”

Desiring God - The Easter Yet to Come

“On that Easter Sunday to come, when graves all over the world are opened and emptied, we will not only see the man who conquered death; we will be the ones who conquered death.”

Gospel Coalition - Bright Monday: Living in the Light of Easter

“The resurrection teaches us to expect God to do the unexpected amid the regular, grayscale, cubicled pattern of life. Instead of the nine-to-five routine, the workweek is full of adventure. The ordinary becomes an opportunity. Normalcy becomes novelty. Even the 3:00 p.m. lethargy becomes part of a bigger story, a story of redemption and restoration that has come to include our own.”

Gospel Coalition - Is Easter Believable?

“Is Easter believable? That’s a question people have been asking for 2000 years. It may be a question you’re asking. Or it may be a question your friends or family are asking and you wish you had better answers. Well, this article won’t pretend to give you all the answers you’re after, whatever your current view of Jesus. But it will summarize some key arguments for thinking Easter is believable—that Jesus rose again—so you can draw your own conclusions.”

Ligonier Ministries - He is Not Here, He is Risen

“All of this to say that the cross itself is entirely inseparable from God’s other redemptive acts through Jesus in history — His life, death, resurrection, ascension, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost — all of these form a unified front upon which the age of sin and death met its match. And never was the defeat of those two horrors more boldly proclaimed than on Easter morning.”

A Scientist Looks at the Resurrection - Peaceful Science

Daniel Ang, a doctoral student in physics at Harvard, discusses three main points of historical and contextual evidence regarding why it is reasonable to believe in the resurrected Jesus.

Recommended Podcasts:

Warehouse Podcast

“Welcome to The Warehouse! Has a Sunday sermon ever left you running to Google with new theological questions? Have you ever wished that you could peer behind the curtain to see how the message comes together? That’s where we come in! Here at Cornerstone Church, we spend hours every week talking about the Bible. This is the place to learn about Scripture, dive into its context, and study the Bible’s cultural background. Come to the Warehouse–where we’ll extend the stuff you learn from the stage.”

Ask Pastor John - Ten Ways Easter Changes Everything

“At first, it can seem like to claim that the resurrection changes everything is an example of hype, but as you read the Bible and you understand all that flows out of Jesus’s resurrection, it is no exaggeration to say that Jesus rising from the dead literally changes everything.”

Knowing Faith - What is the Resurrection of the Body?

“On episode 70 of Knowing Faith, Jen Wilkin, JT English, and Kyle Worley continue working their way through the Apostles’ Creed—this time talking about bodily resurrection, future resurrection, and Gnosticism. They tackle questions such as: What is resurrection? Is the creed talking about Jesus’ resurrection? How is our resurrection tied to the resurrection of Jesus?”

God Hears Her - The Women of Easter
“Join Eryn and Elisa for a special episode of God Hears Her where they focus on the women of Easter, such as Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary the mother of James, as well as others who experienced Jesus’ compassion. They look back in time and consider what the female disciples who walked with Jesus would have felt when He was killed on a cross.”

Recommended Videos:

J.T. English - The Doctrine of the Resurrection

“In this short video, J.T. English walks us through the story of the Gospel and explains how the doctrine of the resurrection is interwoven throughout all of it. He also connects it to the consummation of the Kingdom of God.” 

Bible Project - The Crucifixion of Jesus
“Jesus' work and ministry culminated in a week of controversy leading up to the celebration of Passover. In this video, we'll explore the Gospel of Luke 19-23, and how it came about that the innocent Jesus ended up being executed as a revolutionary rebel against Rome. We'll also see how Jesus was not at all surprised because he believed that his death would open up a new future for Israel, and for all humanity.”

Bible Project - The Resurrection of Jesus

“This video concludes Luke's epic portrait of Jesus of Nazareth. The disciples discover the empty tomb and eventually have their entire view of the world turned upside-down as they meet the risen Jesus. Luke shows how Jesus' kingdom of God mission comes to its climactic moment, and he sets the stage for its continuation in Luke's second volume, Acts.”

Got Questions - Why is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ important? | What does the Resurrection Mean?

“Jesus is risen, but why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ important? What does the resurrection mean? “I am the resurrection and the life” ( John 11:25 ), those words spoken by Jesus are a clear reference to the resurrection in the Bible, and in this video Pastor Nelson with Bible Munch looks at that resurrection passage and others to answer why the resurrection is important.”

Recommended Sermons:

Matt Chandler - The Resurrection of Our King

“As the heat of life turns up, the aroma of death becomes all the more obvious. But eternal life is available, and we don’t have to wait until heaven to get it. Christ said to Martha that those who live and believe in Him will never die. The sting of death has been swallowed up in His victory. Death has been defeated. Christ is risen. Indeed, He is risen!”

R.C. Sproul - The Resurrection of Christ

“This message will defend one of the central claims of the Christian faith – the bodily resurrection of Jesus.”

Tim Keller - Jesus Vindicated

“Tim Keller delves into the resurrection of Jesus from Luke 24, emphasizing its historical and spiritual significance. He contends that the disciples experienced Jesus' post-death presence, empowering them with forgiveness and a renewed mission. Keller sees these events as symbolic representations of deeper truths like forgiveness, hope, and new life.”

John Piper - The Explosive Power of the Resurrection

“The reason the resurrection has explosive power in our lives now is the same reason it had explosive power in the life of Jesus on Good Friday. In his case, the hope of resurrection was the joy that held him to the cross. And so it is with us: for the joy that is set before us in the resurrection, we endure the cost of love, no matter how high, for the least deserving.”

Voddie Baucham - This is Resurrection Life

“Watch Voddie Baucham speak on 1 Corinthians 15:35–58 and the importance of the doctrine of the resurrection at The Gospel Coalition’s 2015 National Conference in Orlando, Florida.”

Other Recommended Resources:

Gospel Coalition - Easter Music Resources & Holy Week Playlist

“These playlists follow the ups and downs of Holy Week’s many significant moments—from the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday to the Upper Room and Gethsemane on Maundy Thursday, Golgotha on Good Friday, the grief and tension of Silent Saturday, and the gloriously empty tomb of Easter Sunday. Find the playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.”


“Mercy Tree” by Michael Neale

“Springtime” by Chris Renzema